« The life you have is hidden with Christ in God » Col 3,3

Centred on Christ, “following in his footsteps and living and acting in the way he would, carried by the impulse of his spirit, we want to become still more Daughters of Jesus.”

This is the 2010 Chapter act that the province of Africa has chosen as a lamp for the route during this year 2013 -2014.

After reading it, two sisters express themselves

“Your life is hidden with Christ in God”

Hélène Atangana

Hélène Atangana

Spontaneously, this theme makes me understand that my life without Christ is life-less. It is thus an invitation for me to do everything for Christ and with Christ. It is He who gives meaning to my life, who enlightens me and guides me, who encourages me and always takes me by the hand. Nevertheless, in order to live that, I have to adopt certain attitudes, principally by listening. It is by listening to and welcoming the word of God that I can question myself on my way of acting. Does it correspond to what the Lord expects of me? There is a Word of God that has been occupying my thoughts for some months “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good”. It has really touched me, and the circumstances in which I have received this word have allowed me to understand that the Lord wanted to transform something in me; that he wanted me to be different. For me it’s a way of becoming still more a Daughter of Jesus because the Lord is inviting me to change my way of seeing, to look positively on all that I live. This way of being will permit me to grow and to help others to grow. I take up this invitation as a challenge even if it is not evident and will not be easy. I know however, that the grace of God will accompany me and that I can also count of the prayers of others.

Sr Hélène Atangana

Certain words stop me in my reading :

Hidden with Christ; in the way He would … becoming still more Daughters of Jesus.

And so I say to myself, my life does not belong to me, it is by Christ and for Christ.

As Saint Paul says: “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.”

Adeline Touessi

Adeline Touessi

Yes, to live for Christ and to become still more a Daughter of Jesus, cannot be summed up in the simple fact of having pronounced vows, but is rather a personal becoming, a slow progression.

It seems important to me therefore, that I open myself to the calls that Christ addresses to me today. He is inviting me to take the way of perfect obedience, with love and confidence. In order to do that I count on his fidelity and his model of humility in the midst of his human brothers and sisters (the meeting with Zaccheus, the call of Matthew…)

Sr Adeline Touessi


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