Our charism

The Charism of the Daughters of Jesus

God’s gift to the Church and the world, a way of living the Gospel.

A gift of the Spirit to a community of believers for the construction of the Kingdom of God.

Received and transmitted by the founding figures of our religious family:

A call to welcome the creating Breath, a newness of life and commitment:

TO HONOUR THE SACRED HUMANITY OF THE SON OF GOD, to embark on a path of humanity and humanization like Jesus

Honoring the Humanity of Jesus,
God’s tenderness for humanity

In his Son Jesus, God became one of us. Jesus manifests the Father’s image of tenderness, compassion, mercy and love.
Jesus Christ reveals to us our identity as sons and daughters of God. Therefore in following his example, we try to imitate his humility, simplicity, charity and love for humanity.
Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus (Philippian’s 2,5)

To follow Jesus on the paths of humanization

To be touched by the one who allows himself to be seen through the marginalised and disfigured.

To recognize and respect the beauty, the greatness of every person, especially the vulnerable, the most deprived and despised.

To have a preferential option for the poor.

To be born today of the fire of love

 Contemplating Jesus in his Mystery of Incarnation in active love, is from the beginning the source of our apostolic zeal and fraternal communion.
Cf. Rule of Life 5, 7

Jesus Christ,
in the mystery of his Incarnation,
gives meaning to our lives today.

Rule of Life 5

Chapel of the community of Bignan

 We are attentive to the challenges of the world we live in and like Jesus, we are called to welcome and listen to those who need help and those who are searching. Our Charism enlightens the way we live our mission as baptized persons in various contexts and activities.

(Rule of Life 5, 7)

We must let his Spirit transform us in prayer

Allowing ourselves to be captured by the Spirit of Love, thus making us available to God's good pleasure.”

We wish to celebrate together in prayer God’s marvellous deeds, to bring to it our lives and the sufferings and hopes of the whole world. Rule of life 32

Silence, prayer, adoration and the Eucharist sustain our encounter with Jesus, Son of God.

Born of the fire of that charity which Jesus came to kindle on earth… (Luke 12 49)
The aim of the Congregation is to honour the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God
striving to imitate his virtues especially his love.

(Rule of life 2-3)

“Caring, teaching, being with,
assisting the distressed,
in a simple lifestyle,
it is to together
follow Jesus in his humanity,
to live the tenderness of God in Jesus,
to accompany the whole human person,
living in thanksgiving
for the gift of self
realized in Jesus. »

(The Associates Reference Document)
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