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Associates of the Daughters of Jesus

A history of meetings

between men and women from different countries and continents where the Daughters of Jesus are present:

In our neighbourhoods, at work or in our commitments, we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know the Daughters of Jesus.

Through our sharing, a fraternal relationship has developed. Little by little, we have discovered more about the spirit that makes them live.

Touched in our desire for a spiritual life that animates our personal, family, social and professional life, today, with the support of the Daughters of Jesus, we help each other to live our vocation as baptised people.

Together, married or single, deacons, priests or lay people, with the Sisters we build a way of being a community in the Church in the areas where we live.

Becoming an Associate

A pathway of humanity

Across the oceans,

the same breath of life animates all of us
in our everyday lives,
whatever the environment or country we belong to.
a common desire
to honour the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God,
to follow the same path of humanity
and humanisation as Jesus.

Being associated with the Congregation has allowed me to deepen my faith in a more human way.
In trying to Honour the Humanity of Jesus, I try to look at each person before me as Jesus looks at them, with charity and compassion.
Honouring the Humanity of Jesus nourishes my life as a believer. Each encounter with Jesus in his Word challenges me to contribute to the happiness of others, to intervene for the cause of the weakest, the most abandoned, the most fragile.
All together, through the rereading of our lives, we help each other to recognise Christ acting alongside us, as he did on the road to Emmaus.
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