In recalling the origin of the congregation, the Daughters of Jesus have always associated three names :

Pierre Noury (1743-1804)

parish priest of Bignan, a man of the Word of God and a man of action, close to his people, the initiator,

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Perrine Samson (1790-1847)

as hidden as much as she was available, who signed her act of religious profession with a cross, venerated as the first foundress,

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Mother Marie de Saint Charles (1820-1884)

superior general, a determining figure who confirmed the spiritual personality of the congregation.

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From the beginning of the 20th century,

political events in France forced the sisters to go into exile. This great exodus is at the origin of the “birth” of the congregation in Belgium, in Canada and in England.


Later, from 1953,


this time in response to the call from the churches, sisters would set out for Africa, South America and the Antilles.

A succession of beginnings, of stories which never cease to spring to life in unexpected places.

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