Who are we?

Religious of apostolic life

Daughters of Jesus, we are Christian women, living in fraternal communities, committed to the path of apostolic religious life. Touched by the encounter with Jesus in the Gospel and in our own day-to-day life, we follow him, convinced that his Way of Life is an answer to our aspirations and a hope for our world today. Called to be rooted in listening to and in sharing the Word of God, in prayer, in rereading our life and in discernment, we seek to grow in the love of the Father and of our brothers and sisters and to live out our missionary commitments in the same spirit.

Jesus Christ, in his mystery of Incarnation, gives meaning to our life. He comes to meet us at the heart of our personal and collective history. To discern the calls God makes to us through world events, we must contemplate him and allow ourselves to be challenged in personal prayer and in prayer shared with the community and the Church

Cf. Rule of Life 5, 7

A life in fraternal community with an international dimension

We live in fraternal communities, seeking to walk in Jesus’ footsteps with humility and a simple lifestyle, in proximity with the people and rooted in a people. The call to fraternal conversion is a daily challenge for the growth of the Body, that we form, together with our associated brothers and sisters and all people of good will.

Our international religious family is present in twelve countries: in Europe, the continent of our beginnings, we are present in France, England and Belgium; on the African continent, we are in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Ivory Coast and Chad; in North America, in four regions of Canada; in Latin America, in Honduras, Colombia and Chile; in the Lesser Antilles, on the island of Dominica. Many of our communities experience the richness and challenges of multiculturalism. In various countries, we are also enriched by the fraternal presence of associated brothers and sisters who live out their mission as baptized persons by being nourished by our spirituality and charism.

« With God’s help what can a community not accomplish when all its members are united in seeking God whose glory is their sole aim? »

Mother Marie de St-Charles

A mission of proximity at the service of human advancement according to the Gospel

Whether we are active or retired, in health or in sickness, we try to read the signs of the Kingdom that is growing and to contribute to it according to our possibilities. Our mission is first of all that of a simple presence, made up of listening, compassion, fraternal acts of kindness, and a special caring for the poorest and most destitute.
We live our mission in the fields of education, health, pastoral ministries, social commitments, formation and journeying with individuals and groups, integrating new situations as they arise day-by-day. The number of persons impoverished and excluded by the dominant system continues to grow: abused women and children, young people in search of meaning, migrants, the sick, the elderly, street people…

Making Jesus’ dream our own, we want to respond with courage and dynamism to his invitation to build with others a more humane, just, dignified and united world. Beyond the feeling of powerlessness, with the richness of our complementarities, we feel the call to daring commitments.

Sister Viviane, Afrique
Sister Annita, Dominica

“we wish to show special compassion for the most deprived…we wish to be attentive to the cry of those most in need in our area…we take up the cause of those who have no voice or who are the victims of injustice…”

(cf. Rule of Life 17)

Responding to the call of ‘Laudato sí’

We share the concern of our contemporaries in the face of the very serious threats to our planet: depletion of non-renewable energy sources, waste of resources, inequality of access to goods, damage to biodiversity, dramatic consequences of global warming in all our countries. Faced with this reality, “Honoring the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God” calls us to a deeper awareness of the human dimension of the environment and ecology, to a responsible commitment to the planet and to future generations. Only in this way can we become “good news” for and with the people we meet on our journey through life.

Sister Rachel, Latin America
Sister Bibiane, Cécile, Lina, Canada

The urgent cry of the earth and the poor invites us to :

  • Cultivate on a personal and collective level a fundamental attitude that promotes non-violence and peace;
  • Work for human advancement in order to restore the freedom and dignity of every person, especially that of women.
  • To participate with others in collective actions regarding situations of injustice.
  • To denounce the abuses of exploitation of the planet and to act with others to end overexploitation.

To honor the Humanity of Jesusis to care for and love our common home.

“This steadfast search for the will of God encourages an enterprising spirit and a courageous faith. It enables us to live with a free and joyous heart in the light of the risen Christ”.

(Rule of Life 6-b)

Sister Mary Clare, Angleterre

Born of the fire of love,
we do not rely on our own strength
but on that given to us by Jesus who calls us and sends us forth:


“Go and make disciples of all nations… teach them all that I have commanded you. I will be with you always, yes, to the very end of time”.

(Mt 28,19-20)

Some Daughters of Jesus, Africa
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