They spoke to our heart

“I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.” Hosea 2:14

asociados 1The Associate members of the Daughters of Jesus had their annual Retreat on 11th October 2015, at the house of the Third Order “Capuchinas”, Bogota, Colombia.

Many of them left their occupations and re-organized their time-tables in order to live this day of Retreat to the full. “The Kingdom of God is like a man who discovers a treasure and full of joy goes and sells all he has to buy the field!” (Matthew 13:44)

What they most appreciated was the agreeable surroundings and the silence, which enabled them to be themselves under the loving gaze of God, who is always present in their daily lives. Their faces radiated this love.

They emerged very content from these moments of profound dialogue with God. Under his gaze they evaluated their lives with confidence and faith. They expressed their deep appreciation for the insights and calls they experienced.

Here are some of the comments expressed during the evaluation which followed:asociados 2

  • The most precious thing about today has been the feeling of being listened to.
  • I feel called to listen respectfully to people who are in difficulties. In the same way that I have been listened to, I want to listen to others.
  • It was important for me to review my life, to become aware and be thankful for all that God does for me day after day.
  • I was able to express myself and I felt liberated. I felt as if I had been to confession without any judgment.
  • An immense gratitude for this space of silence, within which, little by little, I became more relaxed.
  • My thanks to each Daughter of Jesus for listening to us, for their time given, their service. I admire in all of them, this joy which they radiate.

With great conviction we feel deep gratitude for the group, for what they live in their desire to faithfully follow the God of life. Thanks be to God who has called us to live this Charism of the Daughters of Jesus. A community of believers, who have become passionate and transformed by God´s Word, is hope for the world of today.IMG-20151012-WA0002

We finished the day with great satisfaction, which has led us to love as Jesus taught us to love.


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