The Novitiate takes care of the Planet

With this desire in mind, the members of the Novitiate Community of Pavillons Sous-Bois, Paris, have taken advantage of their garden to maintain the environment. They share some of their initiatives and achievements with us.


Our discoveries

We discovered flowers of all kinds, hidden under the leaves of the small shrubs that protect them, and roses to prune. A fig, a hazelnut, and a bay tree delighted us with their fruits. The one that gave abundantly and over the longest period, however, was the appletree. It was so bowed down under its load of beautiful, tempting green apples, it looked frail.

Our achievements

As there were only two of us present during the month of August, we started by gathering all this produce as fruit to eat, for stewing, and as a reserve for the winter. As for the rest… on to the green waste dump!

That was without counting on the young novices full of ardor and ingenious ideas so that nothing would finally be lost They dug a hole and put the overflow of damaged apples in it. These will then transform themselves into compost, which will subsequently enrich the earth.

We planted the precious gift of a camellia, which we had received during the novices’ entrance celebration. This has been looked after with great care and love. Nothing has been lost, as even the withered leaves have been used to adorn our chapel.

In the kitchen, selective sorting allows us to feed the compost. Lemon balm, coriander, and lemongrass benefit from this contribution. Packed according to the tastes of the cook, they flavor our sauces and herbal teas.

In solidarity

In the Novitiate, we consume what we have harvested, we embellish our house and we are in solidarity with our neighbors, who also invest in their environment. This is our way of putting into practice the call of Pope Francis:



“To take care of our common home”

Novitiate Community, Paris, France


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