The five continents of the planet

The coronavirus is invisible and stubborn.

Our God is invisible and powerful.

Africa: 54 countries

America : 35 countries

Asia : 47 countries

Europe : 45 countries

Oceania : 16 countries

(Each country is represented by as cross)

On Tuesday, March 31st after meditating on the Book of (Numbers 21, 4-9) a few images came to my mind. A coincidence? An occurrence? See for yourself! I pondered this reading very intensely until I was strongly invited to write the following. An illustration is worth a thousand words…


Everyone carries their cross

Five strangers, each one representing a continent, is carrying a cross-accompanied by the Cross of Christ. These men seem to be fleeing Mr. Coronavirus. They advance courageously in spite of the weight bearing down on them getting heavier and heavier and their strength giving way little by little. However, the youngest of these men whose strength is giving way requests to have his cross shortened of a few inches. His request Is granted and his courage seems renewed. For the time being all is well… the burden is not so heavy … and this young man hopes to reach the end.

*God acts without my knowing how* (Mk 4, 26-34)


In front of an obstacle


Now let us see what happens to this young man, so proud to carry a cross carved out to his ability – but which no longer bears the divine assurance. Surprise: discouragement, anxiety… it’s impossible to go through with this cross of my choice. What am I to do? Give up the project? Return to the starting point? The path is not a road, neither is it an itinerary to follow. It’s rather SOMEONE to follow. Therefore, both the point of arrival and of departure depend on HIM ONLY.

“Indeed in all of this we are more than conquerors, thanks to the ONE who has loved us.” Romans 8, 37


Sr Lina Cyr f.j. Rimouski, Canada


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