Testimony of an associate

Denise 2Denise,

an associate for several years,

speaks to us of her experience.

« I have known the Daughters of Jesus from my childhood.

I did all my schooling in their primary schools, colleges and high schools.

In my family, the sisters of Kermaria were held in esteem, religion too: we were aware that the master was God and not the lord of the manor, owner of several farms, including our own.

I admire this congregation which began in such a small way, thanks to Perrine Samson, a young Breton of little education; one can detect the work of God there. I am one of the beneficiaries because the sisters were in charge of the school at Guilligomarc’h (France) where I learned to read, write and count.

Denise 4

Today, through participating in the Associates, I follow a way begun in childhood. I am proud to participate in this beautiful work, to be the friend of the sisters in the community and of 2 lay people who are associates with me. A reciprocal friendship unites us and strengthens us in our daily life, the meetings are very convivial. There is a great closeness between the associates, whether from Châteaulin, Quimper or Plonéour-Lanvern. »

Denise 3

Denise Pensec (associate in the Châteaulin group)




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