Saint Joseph at the heart of the feast

At the Lokia Residence in Three Rivers, Canada, the Daughters of Jesus, Ursulines, Carmelites and lay people celebrated the Patron Saint of Canada and of the universal Church.



The day began with a solemn Eucharistic celebration prepared by a team. Fifteen minutes before the celebration started, the organist performed a medley to Saint Joseph.

Entrance Hymn:

“Joseph, hear the whole Church

sing your triumph on this day. 

Joseph, glory to you on earth,

Glory to the divine abode!



What a surprise to see a Sister advancing with the statue of Saint Joseph on a trolley! Upon seeing her, the whole assembly warmly applauded our Patron Saint.



Closely related to Lent                                                                                  

In his homily, the celebrant expressed well how Joseph, throughout his life, knew how to be reborn differently: His fiancée is pregnant; however, he will love her with great respect. The child’s birth in a stable prevented him from preparing everything at home with love… but he will take care of Mary as best as he can. In order to protect his family he will have to flee to Egypt.




Universal Prayers associated to his life


God, who alone is Father, we pray: Lord, hear our prayer

 Like Joseph, who was a reflection of God the Father for Jesus, let us pray that bishops, priests and all those who have a responsibility in the Church may radiate the goodness and love of God around them. 

Like Joseph, who taught the child Jesus his trade, we pray that all workers and educators may carry out their tasks in a spirit of service and dedication for the good of all human beings.

Like Joseph, who welcomed Jesus and Mary under his roof, let us pray for refugees, for victims of cataclysms and wars, that they may be welcomed and comforted on their way.

Like Joseph, who had unfailing faith, let us pray for all the intentions that arise in the hearts of all the residents of Lokia.

A Sister then came forward with a basket filled with all the prayer intentions deposited by the people and placed it in front of the altar as we sang: 

O Saint Joseph, O Saint Joseph,

O Saint Joseph pray, pray for us!



The celebration continues


In the afternoon, the Daughters of Jesus met in the multi-functional room for a rather original video entitled: “Letter from Mary to Joseph on his feast day.”

Mary writes to Joseph to thank him for his role as husband and dad. We see Jesus at different ages. Joseph is very young and carries Jesus on his shoulders. Later, Joseph is at work in his workshop and we see Jesus, perhaps 3 years old, enjoying himself with a piece of wood. A little further on, Joseph seems to be comforting the adolescent Jesus. It’s good to see that Joseph lived his role as a father just like the dads of today.


In conclusion

Our Superior invited us to share what we had appreciated the most in this celebration. It all ended with a simple snack while we continued to express ourselves spontaneously. With grateful hearts we sang our favorite hymn:

“O Patron Saint of Kermaria, do accept our songs of praise; Extend your arms over us and bless your children!”




Saint Joseph responds to the faith of a believer


A resident came to Mass with all the faith of his believing heart: he entrusted Saint Joseph with the sale of his cottage. Twenty-four hours later the transaction was completed!! He spread the good news everywhere and we gave thanks with him. Several Ursuline Sisters expressed their joy of desiring to love this great saint even more! A heart-felt thank you to everyone who helped make this day feel like heaven on earth!


Sr. Angèle, fj, Three Rivers, Canada



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