Relics in Kermaria

On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the death of Saint Vincent Ferrier in 1419 and as part of a Diocesan Jubilee, the Mother House of the Daughters of Jesus of Kermaria hosted the relics of this saint from Friday 28 to Sunday, September 30, 2018


The « triduum »

What as on the programme during the three days?

  • Friday afternoon : arrival from the cathedral of Vannes under a radiant sun of the shrine containing the relics. Young people from the College Jean-Pierre Calloc’h were present for this opening celebration as well as Sisters and people from the Deanery.


  • Saturday afternoon : prayer of the Rosary, with the participation of the residents of the unit for the dependent elderly.


  • Sunday afternoon : closing celebration of the Triduum, in the chapel.







Apart from these times of celebration, it was possible for everyone during these three days to approach the relics when they wanted to in order to pray or to read the panels exhibited in the room.



How did the sisters experience this triduum?


They enjoyed …

  • the participation of people of all ages, especially the young people, in the celebration on the Friday. They were obviously interested and attentive.
  • the impressive silence during the arrival of the relics, a silence that was also appreciated during the times of personal prayer.
  • praying a well-prepared rosary, based on the mysteries of the life of Jesus: his hidden and public life, the pain he went through, his death and resurrection. “Mary was here with us! “
  • the well-prepared and very prayerful celebrations with a liturgy that made the link between the time of Saint Vincent Ferrier and our own.
  • the panels in the room of the Sacred Heart that retraced the life of this Saint who preached at a time of great difficulties in the world and in the Church, and also gave simple explanations of Christian gestures as well as common prayers.


… and were challenged by :


  • “I am challenged by this life given for the glory of God and the service of his brothers and sisters, especially the sick and the most fragile. “
  • “It was an invitation for me to be even more present to the Sisters who are more disabled or diminished. “
  • “This life given over to evangelization challenges me. I see something of Father Noury in it. “
  • “This life, in a difficult context, calls me to hope. It invites me to follow Jesus, « the Way, the Truth and the Life ». This sentence from the Gospel was at the origin of my vocation. “
  • “The faith of Saint Vincent challenges the weakness of my own. I ask him that it might increase each day. “
  • “No longer able to go far, as I did during many years, I go around the world now in my
    prayer. I also try to live in fraternity where I am. “
  • I am once again invited to be realistic. The person who chooses to live with Christ knows that she can trust Him, even if the way is full of pitfalls. “
  • “Following Saint Vincent, I feel called to be more of a peacemaker. “
  • “I am challenged by the text of Saint Vincent on the seven sentiments I should have towards those close to me, in particular a kindness full of compassion. “


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