It is never too late to say thank you


Even in difficult situations, we can always find time to say, “Thank you”. Alice Boulay, the head nurse at the Vice-provincial House, Rimouski, Canada, retired just before the confinement. The Sisters did not have the opportunity to express their gratitude to her. Now, three months later, they were given the occasion to do so. Sr Lina Cyr gives us an account of that special moment.



Mme Alice Boulay et son mari assis à table dans la salle à manger


On May 21st, 1991, an angel entered our home equipped with all the qualifications required to assist our sick Sisters – and that she did – until her departure on February 28th, 2020. Yes, our dear Alice has been part of our big family for 30 years. The sick, as well as the more valid among us, greatly appreciated her generosity of heart, her kindness, her smile, her good humor, and her forever warm welcome.


We therefore took the time to show our gratitude to this very special and unique woman. On August 11th, 2020, those in charge of the Vice-Provincial house wanted to do things in a special way and gave the signal: everybody was to assemble in the dining room for 11 o’clock. Sr Solange Mailloux, our superior, was there to welcome us all, and Pierrette Côté, her co-head, expressed our deepest gratitude to Alice in the following words:


“Dear Alice, in your approach to each one of us

we all perceived you as a person filled with humanity.

This very special gift,

which seems so natural to you,

we discovered it every day

through your gestures of gentleness,

respect and compassion;

all this enveloped in a bundle of love

that you were able to pass on to those

with whom you have worked during all these years.

We are indeed happy to have you as an Associate.”


The party continued with Sr Nicole Pinault at the piano to enliven the occasion. Finally, our competent cooks, who could be referred to as the Château Frontenac team from Quebec City, served us a delicious meal.


An atmosphere of thanksgiving


The atmosphere was one of thanksgiving. We could not end this celebration without offering Alice a bouquet of flowers …. flowers of gratitude, and a mural depicting birds in large numbers… birds heading towards the always unknown future which we hope will be filled for Alice with the most wonderful things.











Sr Lina Cyr dj, Rimouski, Canada




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