Prayer as a gift!



Sr Angèle Lépine dj shares with us how we have found a unique way to respond to the Sisters’ desire to pray together at l’Oasis, Trois-Rivières, Quebec.


While our Sisters at the Oasis were confined, visits were prohibited and activities were somewhat rare! A warm-hearted attendant, Mrs. Denise Dionne, offered to pray with the Sisters. Finally, it became a gift to come together around the only thing that really matters! This time of spirituality provides support and comfort on the paths of self-emptying.



In order to respond to the desire of the Sisters and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Sister Thérèse Foley now goes regularly to the Oasis to pray with those interested. In small groups, Daughters of Jesus or Ursulines relish these moments of spiritual nourishment. This mission helps our sick Sisters to feel part of the Entity and worthy of attention.


They show us the face of the father

During a meeting, Thérèse commented on the following passage from the Gospel: “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” She helped the Sisters pinpoint the persons who show us the Father: nurses, attendants, family caregivers, etc. She added: “When I see you praying, you are the face of the Father to me.” Sister Rita Leclerc, Ursuline, exclaimed: “My goodness, what you just said is so very beautiful!



“When two or three are gathered in my name,

I am there in the midst of them.”

(Matthew 18,20)


This is, therefore, an activity that allows our sick Sisters to feel that they can be missionaries even when they are ill. Thérèse invites the Sisters to pray for the intentions of the universal Church. She thus has the mission to


« Re-waken our sense of missionary dynamism

at every step of the way,

right into old age. »

(Acts of General Chapter 2016, p. 7)


Thus, a prayer without borders makes it possible to go beyond the peripheries, and so fulfill the wish of our Pope Francis.





Some delightful comments

Sr Micheline Trudel relishes these moments of sharing. As the Sisters do not have the opportunity to pray Lauds and Vespers together, they miss the community prayer gatherings. Sr. Thérèse Foley brings them these special moments of comfort.


Sr Suzanne Hubert: “I really like praying together. When we sing a psalm, it is like music for my soul!”


Sr Agathe Matteau said: “I appreciate being able to meet with Thérèse once a week and pray Vespers together. She puts all her heart into it and even copies the texts for those who have difficulty finding the pages in the book. She brings us the intentions of Pope Francis and our prayer thus becomes that of the Church. This is really good for us since we are so often just left to ourselves.”





Angèle Landry really appreciates when Sr Thérèse comes up with specific events from all over the world. We are completely free to participate in the prayer meetings. Every participant can also suggest personal intentions. This strengthens communion among us. At the end of the meeting, we take a moment to reread our experience. We realize that this common prayer allows us to be united with all the Daughters of Jesus.


Our Sr Yvette Roberge is touched by the depth of these moments of prayer experienced with Sr Thérèse. We often prayed with priests, but it is really good for us to pray with people closer to us. This experience strengthens our fervor.


Feeling that we are linked to the world

Sr Hélène Beaulieu underlines the advantage of receiving the copied texts. This avoids having to search for the texts in the book. She likes the way Sr Thérèse directs the prayer towards current events, to realities linked to those in authority, especially Pope Francis’ intentions. This prayer is beneficial because it is simple and yet universal, and we can bring our personal intentions.


Sr Lise Dumont likes to pray Vespers with Sr Thérèse because she mentions different world situations and this brings us up to date. “It has been a long time since we prayed together, and it is such a good experience. As we are fully retired, the fact of praying together gives us the possibility to appreciate the benefit of communion among ourselves and with the community. A sincere thank you to Sr Thérèse for her generosity. She is dynamic and her beautiful voice comforts us.”



So many heartfelt “Thank Yous”


THANKS to the Holy Spirit who inspired Sr. Thérèse to begin this service.


THANKS to Sr. Gisèle Lacerte who confirmed this discernment.


THANKS to Sr. Thérèse who puts all her love into

preparing a simple prayer open to all.



Sr Angèle Lépine dj

Trois Rivières, Canada



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