Our mission : To humanize each other


The Associates of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus, from Santiago, Chile, share their testimony as disciples of Jesus. They tell us how this experience has helped them live in a more humane, helpful and engaged way, and be more attentive to the poor.

The strength of a charism

After twenty-two years of participation as Associates in the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus of Kermaria, we feel deeply grateful for this time of learning.

Since the beginning of our union with the Congregation, we have received the charism “to honour the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God” (Rule of Life no 3). This has been a force, a light and a spring breeze that has accompanied us since the first challenges of our social and pastoral engagement and the catechesis of Baptism. The charism has enriched our work and our mission as founders of our Chapel : “Cristo Peregrino de Puente Alto” (Christ the Pilgrim of the High Bridge) in Santiago, Chile.

A spirituality that commits us

Belonging to the Congregation has led us to work on ourselves and allowed us to discover a God who is Father, close to our humanity, and a Divine Trinity full of compassion. This discovery has engendered in each of us, and in the community of Associates, a commitment of love and service. We renew this commitment in the Eucharist, in the reading of the Word of God, as well as in our daily sharing and in the participation in and union of the Christian communities. We experience it with the young, the sick, the old, the migrants as well as with the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Following roads of humanity

This spirituality keeps us all on a path towards Our Lord Jesus. It allows us to challenge ourselves at a personal and community level to move towards a common goal : to humanize each other and raise our voices in favor of justice and dignity.


We want to give thanks for the accompaniment and spiritual formation of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus and we thank God for his regard and his trust in us. All of this motivates us to continue to engage ourselves as Associates, with the hope and certainty of God’s infinite love for humanity.



Domingo Valderas M. Community of Associates of the Daughters of Jesus

Marcia Loreto Oyarzún “RUCA DE JESÚS” of Santiago, Chile


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