News from the convent of Vaylats


After months of lockdown, the Vaylats convent of the Daughters of Jesus in the south of France is coming back to life. Sr Agnès went in search of news of this magnificent place.

The return of a site that welcomes


Mr Brochard, director of the Jean Liausu Association, tells us about the reopening of this magnificent place.


“The first thing, and not the least, was the reopening of the main gate of the convent which had been closed for more than a year and which contributed to the effect of a cloistered convent. With the reopening of the gate, a few tourists also arrived and asked if they could visit.

More concretely for the Sisters, all those who are here are vaccinated, so we have been able to ease up on the sanitary measures. We have also been able to resume receiving pilgrims on the Way of St. James and reopen all our rooms and studios.


We are at the beginning of July, and have been able to welcome the group from Coteaux Païs, the Jesuit Spiritual Centre of the South-West, for 5 weeks. There are more bookings to come in the next few months and a number of groups are already due to come in September.


We are looking forward to a good end to the year”.


The exercises according to Saint Ignatius

As Mr Brochard told us, Coteaux Païs is organising retreats on the site. Sr Bénédicte, Xavière, tells us:

“We give the exercises of Saint Ignatius. We accompany the retreatants who arrive with what they are, with their questions, their joys, their difficulties. They put their lives under the Lord’s gaze. With the help of the exercises and the Word of God, we try to accompany each one so that he or she can be set free and find God in the current state of his or her life. We aim to help them enter into a deeper intimacy with the Lord, to enter more deeply into his will and his likeness, in order to be a fulfilled Christian.”

Towards a more normal life

The community of Sisters is also re-finding its relationships and a more normal life. Sr Christiane tells us about the opening up to the world:

“The Sisters could no longer go outside. In order to avoid closing in on ourselves, we have had to nourish our openness to the world mentally and spiritually.”

Yes, the convent of Vaylats, doors and windows open to the world.

Sr Agnès Miquel fj, Pontivy, France


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