Talents emerge in the face of the pandemic



As we read about how the Sisters of the community of Danlí, Honduras, are living in this time of pandemic, we can see how each of them is putting the talents the Lord has given her to good use. They are doing manual work, including bio-security materials to give to the nurses at the hospital where one of the Sisters works.




We have been confined for more than 4 months now at Danlí by the pandemic that is plaguing the whole of humanity. All activities have been paralyzed, face-to-face meetings are forbidden, and we do not know how long this will last. This situation has imposed on us a new and challenging way of life that in a certain sense has encouraged us to develop our creativity and some perhaps less used skills. Here in the community, taking advantage of our manual and other talents, we have dedicated ourselves to embroidering blankets, cards, making bags with scraps of cloth, as well as soaps and cleaning products for the house. We also thought that this could generate some income.


A material solidarity


Considering the new needs arising from the pandemic at the biosecurity level, we have made masks, caps, and gowns for the nurses of the hospital where one of the Sisters works. By doing this, we can show solidarity with people who risk their lives on the front line of the fight against the virus.




A project of human formation



Before this pandemic broke out, we participated in a project that promotes the pastoral care of women in the diocese of El Paraíso. A small group had begun to form in Danlí which met a few times to define objectives and to plan some activities to respond to the need for human formation. We had in mind the creation of consumer micro-enterprises that could help the women to generate income for their homes: baking, a soap factory, jewellery, etc. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, that has not got off the ground. We have not lost contact however, with the women who had started it. We have held meetings through video calls and conferences using Zoom. These have allowed them to keep up their spirits and their interest in following the project.




Spaces to strengthen faith



During these months, our community prayer and the Eucharist celebrated by our bishop or our priest once a week in the community, have been a great help in coping with the crisis that is affecting us. It has challenged us to grow in faith and hope, and to discover the presence of God in the simple gestures of sharing, attention and listening; the presence too of a God who accompanies us and strengthens us to continue on new paths that we have yet to invent.




Comunity of Danlí, Honduras

Maura, Teresa, Verónica y Mónica






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