Life at Providence Centre

Seven Daughters of Jesus of Alberta Canada, nuns from nine other Congregations, and two lay women have the privilege of living at the Centre de la Providence. They tell us about it.

The beginnings

The Centre was built in the early 1960s by a Canadian Congregation, the Sisters of Providence, for their Sisters who were ministering in Western and Northern Canada. It served as a house, infirmary, administrative offices and training centre. The complex is located on a magnificent site in the southern part of Edmonton. In recent years, it has opened its doors to sisters from other congregations.

Intercongregational community

Together, with the Sisters of Providence, we form a wonderful inter-congregational community that shares life and love.  Together, in the beautiful and spacious main chapel, we celebrate Eucharist four times a week, plus a celebration of the Word and Communion on Fridays.  We pray together the Office of the Hours, in our room through the intercom system. When there is a death, often the funeral service is in the Chapel where we mourn together and celebrate the life of the Sister who has passed away.  

Together, we enjoy healthy, varied, and abundant meals prepared for us and the guests of Providence Renewal Centre. We gather to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, feast days and other special occasions. Those who are confined to their rooms can participate with the help of the intercom system.  A few days ago, one of the employees said to me: “You Sisters are always celebrating!”

Exceptional service

An outstanding staff is at our care and service 24 hours a day, whether we are independent, need assistance or in nursing or palliative care. Two ladies from the activity department organize exercise sessions and fun times like games, films, crafts. Once a month, they put out a Mini-Mart where they sell articles that we need, such as toothpaste, goodies, etc. so that we do not have to go out to shop for them.   The meals that we share with the guests of Providence Renewal Centre are varied, healthy, and abundant.


Just recently, the Centre went through the process of renewing its accreditation status.  Two ladies came and spent three days reviewing every aspect of the Centre.  At first, they seemed very strict and demanding, but at the end of the three days, when they met with all of us, we observed that they had mellowed. 

In fact, they seemed obviously impressed.  They told us that they had never surveyed a facility quite like this one and they gave the Centre a 97% rating of excellence.  We were all so proud of our staff and Centre.  A great tribute to the Sisters of Providence, our director and the heads of each department.  Now we will have to wait about a month for the final award and Certificate of Accreditation. 

Daughters of Jesus Community

As Filles de Jesus, we also find time to gather for prayer, celebrations, and times of sharing.  On every floor there are meeting rooms that provide space and privacy.   Recently, it has been very enriching to share together on the Acts of the Chapter and the resource material that have accompanied them, coming from our General Council. Hopefully, in the near future, all of us, Filles de Jesus, here in Alberta, will be living together, in this wonderful facility.

Sr Gisèle Labonté, fj

Edmonton, Alberta


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