Knowing how to leave when the time comes


A few months ago we welcomed in the community of Royal Court in Riverview, Canada, a new companion, Daughter of Jesus, in the person of Jeannine LeClerc. We were wondering how she was experiencing this big change in her life.

It must be said that Sister Jeannine had been very active in the community of Dalhousie and the surrounding area for some twenty years. She was greatly appreciated for her dedication, especially her presence to the elderly as well as her involvement in different spheres of parish life.


A heartbreaking departure

 Since the beginning of the pandemic, two years ago, Jeannine could no longer visit Homes for the elderly and, she tells us, this triggered her decision to come and join the community of Royal Court in Riverview. It was with a heavy heart that she left all those dear people for whom she had become like a big sister.


”I feel at home”

 As soon as she arrived at Riverview,  she felt welcomed not only by the Sisters but also by all the other residents. And what about her little “home”, her apartment on second floor? “It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, and it’s silent: I feel at home,” says Jeannine  She appreciates all the time she can now dedicate to prayer, reading, walking outside, and participating in the various activities planned for the residents.



She does not have to worry about meals, housework and all that had been her responsibilities throughout her religious life as a cook. The week of activities organized around the Olympic Games allowed her to meet several residents more closely, which she greatly appreciated.


Pursue the living out of our charism

Jeannine looks forward to the day when she can freely visit our Sisters in Canterbury Hall and Monarch Hall. Seeing her living here, it is easy to say that she adapted very quickly to this new lifestyle. We can therefore say that, because of the pandemic, she finally decided to take the step of joining us to continue living our charism.



Wherever we are sent we associate ourselves closely with the people of the locality in all simplicity.” (Rule of Life no 15) Could we not see it as a positive result of this virus?


Jacqueline Desroches, fj

Riverview, Canada


Un peu


notre famille



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