Getting close to others no matter what

Sister Rose-Marie Audet, dj, who lives in Dieppe, N.B. Canada, shares with us her way of living our mission by being close to the people around her.



Over the past few years, many changes have taken place in our lives. The daily call to adapt to what is happening must be done gradually.



I have been living in this 50-unit building for nine years now, along with people of all ages. A few of them are still working, but most are retired. Three other Daughters of Jesus, Catherine, Sylvia and Thérèse, also live in this building. Denise who lives nearby, comes to join us for certain meetings and, on occasion, we share a meal together.



The pandemic causes changes    



 In this living environment, a social committee is organized. There are activities which we can choose to participate in or not. Like everywhere else, the pandemic put an end to these activities and even the common room was closed. As a result, we hardly saw anyone, and people stayed in their apartments to keep safe from the virus. Even new tenants have arrived without our being able to welcome them. It was a rather sad time.


Wherever we live … be close to people


 When I first arrived here, I was not very much involved in the activities because I was still volunteering outside in the wider community and had other commitments. One day I met a group of residents and I spoke to them about the Canasta card game. They were so interested that we formed a group of five. We meet once a week which allows us to get to know each other better and then render small mutual services.


Attentive to the needs of those around us


 Living in an apartment has allowed me to interact with people of great simplicity, who are happy to meet others and are always ready to assist when needed. Some of these residents, given their age or their health condition, have had to make the difficult decision to leave their apartment in order to live in a nursing home. Because of this situation, a few weeks ago, I invited some residents to join me in a visit at our “Shannex Home” in Riverview. This was really appreciated.


Attentive and open to whatever may be


I enjoy staying here as it allows me to meet different people every day. For a year I was able to host a group for sharing the Word but because of relocations and the pandemic, we could no longer continue. I remain attentive and open to other needs that may arise. In this way, I try to live in all simplicity what is written in our Rule of Life:


Wherever we are sent we associate ourselves closely

with the people of the locality in all simplicity.”

                                                                                  Rule of Life no 15


Rose-Marie Audet,                                                                                                       Dieppe, N.B. Canada


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