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In this world where everything is based on excellence and the risk of putting aside all children with difficulties at school, Sr Monique ROHOU in the community of Soa of Cameroun (Africa) tries to make a difference by assisting children with learning difficulties. Here is her story.

“Teacher by profession, I have always been attentive to the ‘weaker’ students. I try to find in them the spark which will help them open the ‘door of comprehension”.Monique1

I have been helping our employee’s children with their homework, to read better and to have a better understanding of their school work for the past four years. They are four, each with different learning levels. I give the necessary time to each one according to his or her needs and highlight the progress as I go along.

My greatest joy is to see them arrive each afternoon with a bright smile, the desire to show their work done in class and to see their progress Monique2even if it is small. They do not say much and are not too expressive but the joy can be seen in their facial expressions and their ways of moving around.

It is important to find a ‘small click’ in each one which will help them to go forward. And a word of encouragement is important for me”.


« Like Jesus, who was concerned for the outcasts of his day we wish to be attentive to the cry of those most in need … » Rule of life 17Monique3


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