Festival of consecrated life in the Arradon sector

On the evening of the 2nd of  February, the religious of the sector, men and women, gathered together with Christians from five parishes in Brittany, France, gathered in the church of Arradon to celebrate the feast of consecrated life. It was an evening of thanksgiving and a time for fraternal encounters.

“Launched by Pope John Paul II in 1997, Consecrated Life Day takes place every year on 2 February, the day of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. This day is an opportunity for all consecrated persons to solemnly celebrate together the marvels that the Lord has accomplished in them”. ( La Croix 02/02/2024 )

On this Feast of Light, the faithful gathered at the back of the church where each person received a lighted candle. The procession then moved forward with the song:

“People of God, walk in joy,

God has entrusted you to be light.

Christ is given up for all your brothers,

Burn with him with a new fire”.

A time of thanksgiving: the Eucharist

Brother Séverin Marie Affre, of the Brothers of St John, a priest living in L’Ile-aux-Moines and serving our parishes, celebratds the Eucharist with four other priests.

Consecrated life in this sector is represented by the Jesuits, an Ursuline nun, a Xavière (Penboc’h), the Filles de Jésus de Kermaria (Ploeren), the Sisters of the Missionary Family of Notre-Dame (Le Vincin), the Brothers of Saint John the Baptist (L’Ile-aux-Moines) and the Brothers of Saint John the Baptist (L’Ile-aux-Moines).

The Eucharist was celebrated in an atmosphere of fervour, thanksgiving and the joy of meeting each other.

A time of friendship for all

At the end of the celebration, people were invited to a share a drink in the parish hall where the service was spontaneously taken over by people who were happy to contribute to our celebration. It was a time for getting to know each other, so much so that the organisers had break up our conversations so that the room could be cleared in order to set up the tables for the meal.

A shared meal between brothers and sisters

Three round tables were quickly set up and people were invited to take their places, so that we could continue to profit from the opportunity to meet each other.

The meal was prepared by the community of the sisters of Kermaria and the community of the Brothers of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The 18 guests thoroughly enjoyed the menu. It was also :

– a time of sharing between congregations.

– a chance to get to know each other’s engagements.

– a good moment of relaxation.

Echoes from the parishioners

“We, the parishioners of Arradon, were many and joyful, at the back of the church, with our candles lit on the 2nd of  February 2024. Joyful to celebrate Christ, the light of the nations, but also happy to surround with our fraternal affection those who have responded to the Lord’s call by dedicating their lives to him. In our deanery, we have the grace of having four communities proclaiming the Saviour of the world, each according to its own charism.

 The aperitif that followed the mass once again strengthened our ties, as we got to know each other better and exchanged the latest news. We have a real feeling of belonging to the same family, aware that we must continue to build the Church, in the diversity of our spiritualities and in the love of the mission of evangelisation. Thank you for what you are to us, dear consecrated persons. We need you. Be assured of our prayers. “

On the 2nd of February, I attended Mass for the consecrated members of our parish community, and then shared a glass of friendship served in the parish hall in Arradon. This was the first year I had experienced this festive occasion, where members of different congregations and families were happy to meet up. Five priests concelebrated the Mass, surrounded by consecrated persons: sisters, brothers and deacons.

Two words express what struck me: diversity and unity.

  • A diversity of spiritualities and vocations: the sisters of Kermaria, the Missionary Family of Notre Dame, the Xavières, the Ursulines, the brothers of Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle, the Jesuit fathers of Penboc’h and Saint Jean, diocesan priests, permanent deacons.
  • A unity in Christ, on this day of gathering. What a richness and what a sign of hope!”

“On this World Day for Consecrated Life, we gathered in the church of Saint Peter in Arradon in the early evening for a Mass of thanksgiving to the Lord, celebrated for those who have made the radical gift of their lives to Him, trusting in His irrevocable covenant.

The Mass, celebrated by five priests, was prayerful and recollected in the face of such a great and “singular vocation”. There were many religious sisters from our parish community: the Daughters of Jesus of Kermaria, the Sisters of the Missionary Family of Notre-Dame du Vincin, the Xavière and Ursuline sisters from Penboc’h. We were also joined by the brothers of Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle and the Jesuit fathers from Penboc’h, two deacons and their wives.

At the end of Mass, the congregation was invited to go to the Salle Saint-Joseph at the parish centre. It was a time to get together, with drinks and cakes, to mark the occasion and share our joy. It was also a time to discover more about the congregations of women present, as we were surrounded by “sisters” in the true sense of the word. May they be blessed and may our joy remain!”

“As an Associate of the Daughters of Jesus, I was delighted to take part in this celebration and to lead it for the first time in the church at Arradon. I felt very welcome. I liked the atmosphere of prayer and silence, and songs with simple words that encouraged the congregation to participate. Another Associate confirmed this, emphasising how prayerful the assembly was.”

As we re-read what was experienced, we, the Daughters of Jesus in Ploeren, give thanks to the Lord for this feast of the 2nd of February. For the participants from our different parishes, it was an opportunity to enjoy a good time together.

The Daughters of Jesus Community 

Ploeren, France


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