Family Meetings in Colombia


It’s almost a year now since my husband and I had the good luck to pass a month in Colombia, as the guest of the Daughters of Jesus.


I felt that I was doubly received into a family. I was in fact visiting my aunt, Thérèse Kervinio, a Daughter of Jesus in the community of Cogua, who has been in Colombia for 37 years. As I am equally an associate of the Congregation, it was also for me an “immersion in my spiritual family”. I lived this family dimension very strongly.

Colombie 2We were able to spend time in different communities: Olaya in Bogota, Villavicencio, Cogua . We felt at home everywhere we went, welcomed with simplicity and joy.
The stay allowed us to discover a magnificent country, as much at the level of its diverse landscapes and its culture, as in the warmth of the relationships with its inhabitants. In each of our meetings, we found people happy to share a moment with us, concerned to transmit the best of their country despite all of its difficulties and interested in how we live in France.Colombie 1
Thanks to the Daughters of Jesus, our meetings were particularly rich. It was thus that we met for example, families of “displaced people” (driven off their land) at Villavicencio, took part in the Christmas festivities with the children of the nursery school where the sisters work, danced with the elderly in the old peoples’ home in Cogua, etc. All of these moments and many others allowed us to discover the diversity of the commitments of the Daughters of Jesus in this country, and the way in which they live out their charism alongside the most humble of people.

In the same way we met some of the members of the group of associates in Bogota and were able to share what we lived in Colombia and in France, as associates and more widely as Christians.
Thank you to all of the sisters of Columbia, thank you for your welcome and the joy you shared with us. We keep in our memory your smiles and the dynamism with which you “honour the sacred humanity of the Son of God”.

“Muchas gracias Hermanitas” (Thank you very much, Little Sisters) as they affectionately call you in Columbia.

Sylvie Jacob, member of the Le Bouetiez group, Hennebont, France



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