missionary experience in Chili

Missionary experience in Chili

An experience of mission, resembling that of the Jesuits during the 17 century, adapted to today, in the Islands in the southern part of the world:

It is quite daring to say that our modest contribution resembles in a certain way the great mission of evangelization undertaken the Society of Jesus during the 17 century until their expulsion from the country.

It may not be a “circular mission” traveling between the islands, as did the Jesuits – benefiting from months of good weather from September to May. Yet we did tour the Archipelago from the faraway DesertesIslands to the nearest, the Great Island Chiloe such as Quehui and Chelin.

The Jesuits left behind a religious organization which still exists today: the “Fiscales”, “Sota Fiscales”, the Patrons and the Catechists.

Today we would call this a pastoral team which accompanies and stimulates the faith of the people, leads Sunday liturgies and novenas, visits the sick, accompanies the dying and celebrates funerals.

Between the departure of the first missionaries and the arrival of the Franciscans, a lapse of four hundred years, this team kept the flame of the faith alive and it still continues to do so today.

The modest contribution of our team: Daughters of Jesus, Associates, Bible groups and other groups coming from the Conference of Religious, is to bring the Good News (Bible) to these islands, to be concerned about these people who often feel alone, as some of them say: “forgotten both by the State and the Church”.

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Our mission: to visit them, to be interested in their way of life and work, to be concerned about their health and … little by little, to dare to undertake the reading and the explanation of some biblical texts in order to help them discover the marvelous project of our God, revealed in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and through this to give a meaning to what they are living.

Yesterday as well as today, that requires a long germination. Yet new seeds of approach and of fraternity are arising. We offer formation to those who are apt to receive it so that one day all will have a more dignified life, a life in fullness.

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Une communauté de l’île Chuit, une communauté Huilliche, à la fin de la rencontre

des Associés José Yañez, Noëlle Voisin


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