Associates at the Day of Consecrated Life

The Diocesan Council for Religious wished to mark the annual day for consecrated life with a Diocesan meeting on Saturday 31st January 2009 at Souterraiene, Creuse, France.

Religious as well as priveledged laity linked to congregations of Apostolic Religious life from the dioceses of Limoges had all been invited.


Comments from Daughters of Jesus Associates


“It was a real joy to meet and recognise each other. It was like a big family made up of different congregations. Lay people, though fewer, felt confident.

It was moving to think of all the Founders, men and women of 18th and 19th. centuries as well as ourselves. one hundred or two hundred years later, we discussed how and why we were living their charism which produced new vocations.

I believe that the way of life and faith that we follow as religious and laity carry us along mutually



Limoges rencontre associés

Very well organized, beautiful liturgy, serene atmosphere.

I was,

surprised by the diversity of congregations.

interested in the witness of Patricia who explained the regroupment of the Franciscans.

saddened at the average age of our assembly.

delighted by our magnificent day.


I felt a real ‘ Daughter of Kermaria’ as I explained our charism to my group.”



This day enabled me to make an important discovery: a living faith. This faith has continued through centuries thanks to the faithfulness of incredibly dynamic men and women. Faithfulness to the light which illuminated the different sensitivities of every congregation.

The welcome, the warmth, humour, youthful character made the link between one hundred and twenty participants.

Thanks to you and each one for allowing me to feel at home.


“Cette journée était sous le signe de la paix et de la chaleur. Chaque temps, rencontre, messe, témoignage, éclairage sur les charismes a été enrichissant.


This day was filled with peace and warmth. Each momet, meeting, Mass, testimony, explanation of charism was enriching.

Even if I knew it all, I was surprised,

By the number of Congregations represented.

By the diversity of the history of foundations and charisms

At the heart of this diversity, we could find similarities, like kinships in the history of congregations.

I understood moreclearly the term” family”. We found congregations were open to lay people in various ways , but the same link united them. I discovered a human richness in all this diversity; ages, roles, geographic origins, environments, commitments…..



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