At the crossing of the ways…


001  A la croisée des chemins

It was the discovery of an old way of the cross at the back of the church of St Thérèse in Quimper, France, that led to the putting together of a project around the theme,

« Way of the Cross,

way of Life ».

During a church service an appeal was launched for everyone to participate.

Teams were formed, made up of parishioners and professional artists of all confessions, as well as members of the White Pebble, New Horizons, the Eucharistic Movement for Young People (MEJ), the Chaplaincy in Public schools, a primary school, an old people’s home and our community of sisters.

“We had to dare!”

For 3 months, these “small fraternities” of 3 to 8 people chose to work on one particular station, helped by the artists. All allowed their talent to express itself ….

01 A la croisée des chemins

Without knowing why, a handicapped person chose to work on the station entitled “Jesus falls for the 3rd time”. She realised that she too had often fallen, and that it was by praying that she could lift herself up again.

A young resident at the White Pebble (Clohars-Fouesnant) who is a carpenter, explains his choice:

“I opted for the 5th station. It represents my Community and its orientation towards helping one and other.

I did a painting and made a frame in oak. My boss even gave me a day off in order to catch up with the delays in the official opening of the way of the cross.”

For her part, Alma, a non-believer, is keen to underline the relations between the different generations and the spirit of fraternity, that marked all this time of working together. The happiness of a handicapped person in her team who herself says, “It’s the first time I have gone right to the end of a project!

02 A la croisée des chemins

Our community also responded to the call and got involved in the making of a station: Céline and Madeleine in the 2nd station and Anne-Marie in the 9th.

Realising all of this work demanded a lot of listening, sharing and effort.

Through the medium of art the participants opened themselves to one and other and, with the encouragement of the artists, lived the experience with joy, emotion and faith.

We also very much appreciated meeting those of other confessions and responded to their invitations to a film and a church service.

Was Christ’s desire for Unity not in there in the making?

Way of the Cross, way of Life …..








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