Blessing of the “Kermaria Wing”


St Luke’s Primary School in Dominica marked the Congregation Feast Day in November with the renaming of a section of the compound to honour the contribution made by the Daughters of Jesus to the school’s development.


The 25th of November 2021 marked the one hundred and eighty-seventh anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus. It was also the date of a celebration at St. Luke’s Primary School located in the village of Pointe Michel, Dominica, where a section of its compound has been named Kermaria, Mary’s Village” in recognition of our Congregation’s generous contribution to the development of the school.



A sign of love and solidarity

Our Congregation’s support is commendable! Its willingness to fund renovation works at the School following the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017, was a tangible sign of love and solidarity.  This witness to the staff, students, and parents, stimulated not only tremendous joy, amazement, admiration, consolation, hope, and courage but set the stage for explaining our Congregation’s charism and mission. It fostered spontaneous utterances of praise and thanksgiving and strengthened the belief of staff and students in the providence of God.  





We recognize the Congregation’s role as God’s channel of grace, through which His providence continues to be manifested in a spectacular manner. Words are inadequate to express the depth of gratitude that is due to the leadership and members of the Congregation.


The Bishop’s blessing

Surely, the Congregation’s presence is felt at St. Luke’s School!  Therefore, our most fitting gesture of gratitude is to call an entire block of the school’s compound by a name treasured by the Congregation.  Today, His Lordship Bishop Gabriel Malzaire presided over a brief ceremony of blessing along with Fr. Peter Wamutitu, the school chaplain. Among others present were Sr Annita Peter, the School Principal. Sr Lucy Alexander, Community Leader, and Sr. Cordelia Pierre. Ms. Kerlin Pierre-Louis represented the staff.  




Honouring our history

The Old Convent block with its gorgeous, natural environment was named Kermaria, Mary’s Village.  Inside the building, the rooms include St Joseph of Kermaria Sanctuary and Mother Angėle Haven.




Students and staff will participate in in-house pilgrimages and gather for prayer, reflection and study in St. Joseph of Kermaria Sanctuary while Mother Angèle Haven will house the Arts and Craft programme where students will be able to express themselves creatively and artistically.



St Joseph of Kermaria pray for us



 Our Lady of Light, pray for us


Sr Annita Peter dj




Un peu


notre famille



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