An unexpected reunion, 54 years later. 1966-2020

When I was a teenager of 14 to 18 years old, I would go babysit for a few families nearby… one of these in particular was Mrs. Pierrette. After all these years we happen to meet up again…


The call of the Lord


At 18 years old I responded to the Lord’s call to follow him in religious life. So after saying goodbye to the children and their parents I joined the Daughters of Jesus in September 1966.


A desire to reconnect


About 5 years ago I somehow longed to get in touch with Mrs. Pierrette to tell her about my journey… since this lady has had a significant impact on me at the time.


A successful approach

So I undertook a search- via the internet- to try and locate her whereabouts. I was successful and discovered that she lived in the Magdalene Islands. So during the Christmas season I wrote her a long letter. How happy I was to hear from her within a few weeks. Naturally, we both wanted to see one another. However, for some bizarre circumstances we just didn’t get to do so.


An “unexpected” reunion


For the past year, the Daughters of Jesus of our region have been living at the Lokia Residence in Three Rivers along with the Ursulines, the Carmelites and many lay people.

Every month we receive the Residence newspaper called “Libellule”. It contains lots of interesting articles, some photos of our activities and games as well as the list of birthdays and new arrivals.

After lunch on July 2nd I was eager to read this newspaper and see the list of new arrivals … perhaps there would be somebody I know. To my surprise

I saw Mrs. Pierrette’s name … but could it really be her? I immediately contacted the reception desk to inquire whether this person was from the Magdalene Islands and if she had already arrived. That being confirmed I was beside myself and asked for her apartment number. I dialed her number and identified myself; her first reaction was to say: Where are you? I replied: “Under the same roof as you!” Surprise and astonishment! Is it possible!! However, due to the Covid pandemic we couldn’t see each other yet: time for settling in and confinement.


Finally July 31st was the big day! We met in our beautiful interior courtyard and sat on the swing for a nice, long chat. Our dreams had come true!








What a privilege, Lord, for us to meet again! And to realize that we are in the same residence! Who would have ever thought this possible!! Surely not I. Being now 73 years old I was only 18 when I left her… So many years have gone by since then. Our hearts overflow with gratitude to the Lord!

Before ending this article, I will share with you this little note I received from this lady, after our meeting : “Thank you, Pauline, the babysitter of my little ones… patient, playful and responsible! I am happy with this reunion. “

This Lokia Residence is a meeting place for us, where we can socialize, a place of openness, communion and mission. I am convinced that the Lord has brought us back in the midst of his people to pursue our mission to the very end and that he has in store wonderful surprises that I would call “gracious signals” from God.



Sr. Pauline Lessard, fj Trois-Rivières, Canada


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