Actions towards the destitution that surrounds us…

During each formation, the community gathers to pray, using the text of our founder or the gospel. For our Lenten period, we reflected on the Pope Francis’ message.


The existing miseries around usRuthina 1

To help our sharing, Sr Adeline Touessi asked us the following question: “what are the miseries that we face in our respective missions” (at school with the pupils, in the community at the boarding house?)

Each person took her time to read and to reflect on the message; Sr Ruthina Francis shares her reflection.

“The pope underlines 3 types of miseries: material, moral and spiritual. He also gave us means of relieving the miseries of our brothers and sisters, while reflecting on the message; I ask myself a question to know: “what are my reactions towards these miseries?”


My attitudes towards these miseries

Some youths in the boarding house are living in difficulties because of their parents ( strict and demanding fathers) they were ask to be saints but they want to live like other youths out there. I came to find out that: it is very difficult to change certain family habit and culture but in such situation, I take my time to be with them, listen attentively to their problems, to show my presence beside them.

During doctrine classes at the university parish, I try to prolong my discussion, creating other topics concerning: justice, corruption, and homosexuality. That is to awaken them of actual condition of our world because they are the future politicians, judges and economists of Africa.

When shopping in the market, I see women with babies in their hands; I think if they were capable of paying a baby sitter, they wouldn’t have brought their babies to the market. Often, their vegetable is too small and it takes time to peel them, I said to myself: I know that the family of this woman will eat tonight and that a child from her family will go to school.

Is when I do little things that are insignificant, unimportant thou it could be, that I try to touch the miseries of others.

Pope Francis underlines that: “we are called to look at the miseries of our brothers and sisters, to feel them, to take them upon ourselves and to work concretely to help them”.

SR Ruthina Francis, D.J.



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