A well-deserved recognition

An organization, “Maison de la Famille”, which works as a Tutor of Hope for young students who have difficulty to follow the regular program in their class, offered sister Renée Dumais, Daughter of Jesus, a certificate of recognition “for her invaluable involvement in the Motivation Support Program” with these young people.

A new beginning


After several years of dedicated service teaching children at elementary level in public schools, the time for retirement has now come. However, for Renée it’s somehow a new beginning! Her mission continues…


A mission of love,


One to which she devoted her whole life inspired by this passage of our Rule of Life n° 10 “In our concern for human development according to the Gospel principles, we collaborate with others to build a world of greater justice and brotherhood where the freedom and dignity of all will be restored.”


A new opportunity

These young people with whom she worked have a right to be given a second chance. Along with the students, she committed herself for over 20 years in promoting this right. Renée fulfilled her mission with competence and from a “mother’s” caring heart that longs for every young person to succeed in life and to have the right to happiness.

Through her commitment Renée responded to this Gospel call: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do it to me.” Mt 25, 40-41


Jeannine D’Amours fj, Rimouski, Québec Canada


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