A surprise choir at the heart of the party

At the Lokia Residence in Three-Rivers, Canada, the Animation Team invites the Sisters of the Saint-Joseph Community to come and celebrate the end of the year together.

Those in charge of the snacks have set up tables and chairs as in a restaurant Brightly colored napkins are already radiating joy. Baskets of strawberries, red with emotion, celebrate in their own way all the birthdays of June, July and August.

Our Sister Lucy Larouche, master of ceremonies, makes sure that each of the artists has already prepared either her piano, accordion, violin or recorder,… her stories, etc … However, we feel Lucy is hiding something from us … and … suddenly the door opens!

Four of our sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary from the Oasis enter resplendent with joy!

I, Angèle Lépine, now call on Sister Hélène Beaulieu to tell us of her experience.

A surprise choir


For some time now, the desire to play a trick has been simmering in Louise Provencher’s head – she, who invites us to sing once a week and accompanies us with her accordion.

On the day agreed upon, the choir is in place in its usual premises for a singing practice.

We are greeted with a thunderous applause! “ On the day agreed upon, the choir is in place in its usual premises for a singing practice. At the given signal we, Angèle Landry, Jacqueline Houle, Denise Jutras and myself, Hélène Beaulieu, enter the room to the great astonishment of the Sisters

Shared Joy

We sing «in mixed voices»:

  • • The heart does not grow old (Le coeur ne vieillit pas)
  • • The Immortals (Les Immortelles)
  • • A song box… (Une boîte à chanson…)

With each song, the applause intensifies and joy bursts forth. A Sister says: “Thank you for coming; this is a beautiful gift!”

As the assembly stands and claps warmly, we appreciate this callback and perform “The Ballad of happy people!” (La Ballade des gens heureux!)

We bow gracefully and leave, happy to have given joy.

When will the next performance be held?”

Sister Hélène Beaulieu f.j. Community of Our Lady of the Rosary, at Oasis

A multifunctional lectern

While Sister Louise Provencher plays the accordion, our Sister Sébastienne Germain, at the ripe old age of 97… holds the music sheets for Sister Louise, sings and leads the assembly all at the same time! Everyone is celebrating with such great harmony that it feels almost like being in a grand theater.

The person in charge of the Saint-Joseph Community, Sister Pâquerette Dessureault, wishes us all “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” and we then savour the strawberries while continuing to share in this friendly atmosphere. This was indeed a very successful party! Thanks to each and everyone!

“Everyone who is uplifted uplifts the world!”

(Elisabeth of the Trinity)

Angèle Lépine f.j

Trois Rivières, Canadian

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  1. Bonjour à chaque religieuse et bravo pour votre initiative d’animation avec le chant. Merci pour les photos. Beau moment de rencontre pour passer ce temps du covid qui ne nous lâche pas. Au plaisir de vous revoir bientôt.


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