A Little Bakery Surprise

The Saturday preceding Shrove Tuesday, our Sister Marie Saulnier, Royal Court, Riverview, Canada, an official cook, was happy to prepare a wonderful surprise for us!



From our apartments we could smell the aroma of bread baking in the oven … Upon arriving at the kitchenette on the 3rd floor of Royal Court we were surprised to see Marie in front of a table of delicious hot rolls!



To our delight more rolls were in the baking. It makes our mouths water! Yes, there will be some for all the sisters of the Community.


A must-do invitation


Sometime later Marie distributes these buns to each one of us in our apartment.  Our hearts overflow with gratitude upon receiving such a delicacy.  And we already know that such surprises are not over.

A few days later we see on the notice board an invitation for all the Sisters of Royal Court to enjoy a pancake breakfast on Shrove Tuesday between 7:30 and 8:30. We are impressed and deeply touched by such thoughtfulness and so … we are looking forward to this special meal.

Shrove Tuesday, March 2nd


Upon arriving in the kitchenette, we discover our two Sisters Jeanne Comeau and Jacqueline Desroches wearing aprons, at work near the stove. 



The tables are set, the succulent toppings are there to complement these  savory pancakes, and coffee is ready. Each one arrives at her own time, happy to join those already seated. Isn’t this also an occasion for a wonderful get-together!

Jeanne and Jacqueline are busy cooking pancakes … so each in turn we show up to receive one, straight from the pan to the plate and enjoy this delicacy with our favorite toppings. And there’s more coming… for those who want another one … or more. How delicious!!


A heart-felt thank you


We are very grateful to our culinary experts, who in all simplicity, give us the pleasure to experience this delicacy for a third consecutive year.



Moreover, at certain times during the year, they surprise us with delicious cookies or other confections.



And now we are on the way ascending towards Easter, trying to live out the Lenten theme of this year:  “With HIM, to be reborn differently.”


Margaret Wincey,fj , Joyce Brochet, fj

Riverview, New-Brunswick, Canada


Un peu


notre famille



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