A day of joy

The 18 Daughters of Jesus from Finistère, France, and their provincial councillor met together in Plonéour to celebrate the 75 years of religious life of Sr Yvonne le Bec and the 60 years of Sr Maria Andro.

Meeting up already means the joy of seeing each other again but when it’s to celebrate a jubilee, it’s an even greater occasion of joy.

We began with a time of prayer in the oratory of the Plonéour community, which had been artistically decorated for the occasion with bouquets of alstroemeria and hydrangeas from the garden.

A time of conviviality

 An aperitive in the community gave us an opportunity to greet one another.

In a good festive mood, we then made our way to a restaurant in a village a few kilometers away. Our entrance into the restaurant, normally frequented by workers and occasional tourists, did not go unnoticed. We knew we had been spotted and recognized as “Sisters”, but we took our places at our long table, and felt at ease as we shared our meal amid all these people who had come to eat just like us.

Upon leaving, a group congratulated us for our courage in the face of our obvious advanced age! Is our presence in a public place like this not one way, among others, of living the “closeness” that we are called upon to exercise in our everyday life?

Arriving back at the community, we raised a glass of champagne to our two jubilarians with all due form. We then gave them small gifts and cards as a souvenir of the day and wished them serenity in the years to come.

A lovely day together

The presence of Monique Evano, our Provincial councilor, led quite naturally to a discussion around current events in the Congregation and to us asking for further news on subjects that concern us, including that of our near future. Recently, we were happy to be able to discuss the latter with our Provincial and our councilor so that we could enlighten them about our 3 community groups.

In our sector, we more and more appreciate these moments of getting together. As we get older, they allow us to live real solidarity and they strengthen our bonds as a Congregation.

Sr Marie Rose Lorcy, dj,

Quimper, France


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