37th World Day of the Sick

Today is a big feast day at the Vice-Province of Rimouski. Sister Cécile Lavoie shares with us, a message filled with wisdom and gratitude, showing the importance of this day in the lives of each of us.

Together we are celebrating


Our chaplain, l`abbé Jacques Côté and the liturgical team have prepared a very beautiful, prayerful and significant celebration, containing hymns, prayers and reflection on the Word of God: Good News for us today.

In the chapel, the places of honor are reserved for our sick Sisters in geriatric chairs and for those who move about with walkers. The Sisters of the vice-province and our care-takers are also part of the celebration. Happy are they also to be part of this big moment!


A message is transmitted to us

At the beginning of the celebration, Isaah speaks of this Good News: The coming of

a Saviour, a liberator.

  • The Lord God sent us his son Jesus
  • To make himself known
  • To tell us his preference for the little ones, the poor, the afflicted, the sick.
  • Also to reveal a promise of a better future. Cf. Isaah 32

Jesus, faithful to his mission, put all his heart, with love, in comforting and healing all those who trusted in him: lepers, paralytics, lame persons or all other disabled ones; he cured them all. In all His activities, Jesus revealed the goodness of His Father, and the love He had for each of His children.

He carried out his mission to the very end. His reputation cost Him his life. He died, but He is risen from the dead!

Through his Spirit, Jesus continues to proclaim that today, as well as tomorrow, God will always be with us. In all our difficult moments, of doubt, of darkness, of fear; He is there! In all our sicknesses: arthritis, rheumatism, paralysis, shortness of breath, heart pain, bent back…He is there! He promised us! Let`s not forget to have recourse to Him. It is not an election promise as our chaplain, Jacques Côté, told us. God always keeps his promises!


Significant moment

As Jesus would, with all his heart and his tenderness, l`abbé Jacques proceeds with the anointing of the sick. He names each one and gives a personal message that touches the heart and breathes in new life and hope.


Moment of rejoicing

The celebration ends around a table well garnished by our devoted and talented cooks. There isn`t any water changed into wine, but nothing else is missing!




How good the Lord is! How He spoils us through all the people at our service. With our late Mother Sainte-Agathe, we would like to sing: «Comme Il est bon, Il est bon le bon Dieu» (How good is God, how good God is


Soeurs Cécile Lavoie FJ, Rimouski Canada


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