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Our community of Tonneins, situated in the Vice-province South Loire, France, lives to the rhythm of programmed or spontaneous meetings. Depending on the months, that rhythm can sometimes be intense! The month of April was particularly rich.


  • Our monthly meeting with neighbours and friends


During Lent we got together as a small group to reflect on the booklet produced by the association “Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development” (CCFD-Terre Solidaire). Our reflections centred around the words : listen, welcome, etc. …

Once Lent was over, we wanted to continue our rhythm of monthly meetings, with each member of the group in turn proposing a subject. We are now at our second meeting where we took “vulnerability” as our theme.

  • Welcoming the teenagers in order to prepare the Vice-province celebration on the 26th August

Sister Michelle and Marie-Pierre, an associate, gathered together these young people with a view to leading the celebration which will held on one day only this year because of the work in the house at Vaylats. This is a new and disconcerting situation for us but at the same time, it has given us the opportunity to think about how to celebrate differently in the future and to live the celebration in hope.


  • Monthly meeting with the associates of the Daughters of Jesus:

    Over the years the group has become larger and so has been spilt in two. Depending on when they are free, some of the associates get together on a Saturday afternoon at the community, others on a Sunday afternoon at the house of Michel and Aline who take it in turn to lead the group. These are good moments of sharing, prayer and joy!


  • And some leisure !

    Here we are en route with some friends for a matinée theatre performance of “Don’t cut down the trees …”. An occasion for laughter and changing our ideas.


What enriching, fraternal and revitalizing moments for each one those who took part and for us! In all of it, we recognised the Resuscitated one, A discreet presence at the heart of our lives, for which we give thanks …

The Community of Tonneins








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