Words of Faith

In a calm and peaceful atmosphere, a group of lay persons meet bi-weekly for faith-sharing at Kermaria, Trois-Rivières.


Thanks to the hospitality of the Daughters of Jesus, these meetings are held at Kermaria. We are grateful to Sr. Agnes and Father Donald Marcoux who help us with Biblical references as we deepen the theme: “Words of Faith”.


We thirst to move forward on our faith journey


With the help of the Gospel passages, each person shares his or her everyday-life experiences. We are Christians who yearn for truth and a deeper knowledge of Jesus on our faith-journey. Even though we hear short daily Gospel passages with some explanations, it is almost impossible to completely grasp the depth of the texts offered and discover their richness.


We leave enriched by the experience


We cherish sharing our faith viewpoints to enrich our daily experiences. We are practicing Catholics, faithful in attending these meetings which enrich our day-to-day lives. Each person shares how she(he) is touched by the text and has come to a greater understanding of the life of Jesus. Thanks to Sr. Agnes’ and Fr. Marcoux’s attentive listening, they keep us focused on the text being shared.


Faith, Hope and Charity


We are privileged to be participants in this group-sharing and we do all in our power to be actively present. The theme of the following meeting is chosen by the group, each having expressed suggestions. We hope that our group will be long-lived and will continue in peace and friendship. We are grateful that our group came to be. Let’s not forget: “Faith, Hope, Love abide; but the greatest of these is Love.”


Ginette Delagrave, participant, Trois Rivières, Canada


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