With our elderly sisters


Sister Maryvonne Gru shares with us her experience of living with the elderly sisters at Kermaria for 7 weeks following health problems.


« It was a new and unexpected experience for me … I could feel how alive the community is despite the « advanced age » of its members . Morning prayer, said together, was an act of praise and they did not forget to confide to the Lord the intentions of the world and the Church which they knew about from following the media. Reading the Rule of Life throughout the year allows it to become real in their life today …

I witnessed many gestures of attention between one sister and another … a lot of serenity too despite the increasing fragilities due to age.

The sisters have a lot of help in their daily living :

  • From the sisters in charge of the community who keep an eye on each one and maintain links with the family (a work of accompaniment that is heavy given the number of sisters …)


  • from sisters who come in from communities round about to volunteer their services in many different ways – making beds, changing sheets, filling water jugs …


  • from competent personnel who assure the service in the bedrooms and dining rooms …


  • from the nurse who looks after the health of each sister and provides a link with the doctors. In her absence there are sisters, retired nurses , who take over …


  • From an « animator » who proposes different activities each day of the week : singing, craft work, a gentle workout, a walk in the garden, the preparation and appreciation of a meal together, varied exercises to maintain the memory and sometimes a trip to the cinema in Lociminé for the more able-bodied.

Birthdays and Congregation feasts are marked on the day of course and on the last Sunday of the month they enjoy an aperitif before lunch.

I thank the Lord for this unforeseen time that I lived with our elderly sisters. I keep the community in my prayer every day : it is my way of saying a big « THANK YOU ».

Dear sisters of the community of Pierre Noury, when you pass by the reception desk, I promise you a special « Hello! »

Maryvonne GRU


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