When final vows take on an international dimension


Sister Isemane tells us about her final engagement in the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus, celebrated on 27 July 2021, in San Marcos, Honduras. Today’s new technologies allowed an international audience to share her joy on this special day.


The joy of taking this step

Ismane signing her vows at the altar


I am Haitian by origin but currently on mission in Honduras. As there are no longer any Daughters of Jesus present in Haiti, it was here in the parish of Saint Mark the Evangelist in San Marcos de Colon, a department of Choluteca, that I made my definitive commitment to the Congregation. It was a joy for me to take this important step as a religious.


the invitation to the ceremony










With members of my family

My first vows took place in 2013 in Cameroon, where I made my novitiate. On that occasion, no members of my family were present because the Congregation did not allow the families of the Sisters to come for the first vows.


Ismane with Yves, Gislaine and Dackmarand DA

From left to right: Yves, Giselaine, Ismane, Dackmar


This time I was lucky enough to have three family members who were able to participate and share my joy. Yves, Giselaine and Dackmar came from the United States. Unfortunately, my family from Haiti could not come for visa reasons.

Ismane and her family with a Haitian flag










Surrounded in person

Thank God, almost all the Sisters present in Honduras and our young postulant were there to accompany me on this day that was so meaningful and special for me. I feel very grateful, proud and blessed that the Sisters were able to accompany me.



Not to mention the participation of many friends and members of the Sisters’ families whom I consider “my family”, as well as the entire teaching staff of our educational institution Santa Teresita.


Isemane with a group of friends and colleaugues


… and at a distance

screen shot of the link sent


In addition to the Sisters from Honduras, I was fortunate that Sisters of the Congregation from all the countries where we have communities and the Associates of the Congregation were able to be “present” with us through the media. The whole celebration was filmed by two regional Christian TV channels and transmitted across the world via Facebook Live.


Isemane being hugged by regional superior

I have family members who live in countries other than Haiti, such as the United States, Nassau Bahamas and more. Like my friends, religious and lay people, they were able to follow the Eucharistic celebration live and so be with me.


To view the video of the ceremony in Spanish


What a blessing

Ismane with a group of friends

I consider myself a blessed person to be able to have friendships with so many people. This is the fruit of our charism as Daughters of Jesus to “Honour the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God. What could be more beautiful than to give oneself body and soul to the Lord when this is one’s vocation?



“Nothing can separate us from the love of God.” (Romans 8,39)


May St Joseph and the Virgin Mary

be my models of total surrender to God

on this path of consecrated life

as a religious sister.

Sr Ismane Magis dj

San Marcos de Colon, Honduras






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