A cruise on the coastal river of Etel in Brittany



“Thursday, June 13, 2019”, the long-awaited date for the outing of the communities of the sector of Carnac, Sainte Anne d’Auray and Ploeren. The Sisters tell us about their day spent in Etel, a small town by the sea in Morbihan, Brittany


« The boat was already waiting for us as we came together on the pier at the port of Etel. On our programme: a cruise on the Etel river, a meal in a restaurant in Erdeven, then back to Etel to discover the city by taking the “little train”. Then, it was on to Sainte-Anne d’Auray where we would end the day with Monique and Yvonne, at the community of Saint-Joachim.



After a well-filled day, we came away with memories of:


The landscape …


“This outing with the communities in the area gave me the joy of discovering the Etel river, a nearby natural beauty spot dotted with small islands.”


“A pleasant discovery of the most secret of the small Breton seas …”


“The cruise was beautiful with a well-documented commentary on the Etel river, the history and present-day life of the local residents, in particular, the oyster farming”.


“I particularly enjoyed this moment on the Ria, under a serene sky, on a calm sea, conducive to meditation, dreaming and giving thanks. »

The historical aspect …


“The Etel sand bar is well known: it stops boats at entering at low tide. This is what led to the relocation of fishing and related activities to Lorient. Etel and the surrounding area were forced to convert to other activities. Today, similar situations in other regions or countries remind me of all those who suffer the consequences. “


“I remembered the experience of Doctor Bombard in 1958 while trying out a new inflatable lifeboat. The boat overturned with the loss of 9 lives. “


“And if you know a little bit about the history of the Chouans, the royalist counter-revolutionaries! General Cadoudal took refuge along the river Etel. Pursued by the king’s soldiers, he hid in the woods near Locoal Mendon and when he whistled a boat came to take him across the river.”



Our exchanges …


“The joy of meeting in a festive, friendly atmosphere of shared fraternity.”


“I felt that we were like sisters in our group. That pleased me. “


“Coming together for afternoon tea at Saint Joachim allowed us to relax and share together. It also gave us time to remember Thérèse Le Thuault, whose death had marked us profoundly. We also expressed our sadness at the closure of the community of Saint Joachim after a history rich in humanity among the elderly priests of the diocese of Vannes.”



And to conclude …


A Sister in the group expressed her desire to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the day spent together and for the mission accomplished by our Sisters at Saint Joachim. A fervent Magnificat arose from our hearts as well as a big « Thank you » to Sr Annick Ezanno who had prepared the day so meticulously.


“I came back energized after living this day together

in joy and sharing.

If only all our meetings contributed

to such a growth in fellowship! “


Sr Annick Quérellou fj




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