“A Lent like no other”

Assaulted and jostled by a young man on a street in the city left me with a fractured hip. This event obliged me to walk a path I did not choose…


“With serenity and confidence during this Holy Week, I unite myself to You, Lord, You who have taken our path of humanity.

When I am affected in my own body, I experience my human condition with all its limitations and weaknesses.

On this Good Friday, I unite myself toYou and to all the suffering members of your Body.

You were the first, Lord, to take upon Yourself our sufferings. You accepted to place everything in the hands of the Father.

You thereby showed me the way to follow: that of humility.”


During my stay in the hospital, the sisters came to visit me. I realized how meaningful our fraternal life can be in all its little gestures such as a smile and words of comfort that bring support in difficult moments.


I prayed for this young man and forgave him for having attacked me. I asked the Lord that he may find some person on his path to help him find his way.


The Lord is truly risen! Alleluia!

Joycelyne Masson, fj





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