To remember, to question oneself and to be committed

In Trois Rivières on April 24, 2015, Sister Lucie Larouche, f.j. (Vice-province of Trois Rivières, Canada) participated in a memorial gathering for women from here and elsewhere.

Have we forgotten it?IMG_1590 - Copie

In Bangladesh on April 24, 2013 an 8-storey building which was the workplace for sewing crumbled and killed 1,138 people and injured more than 2,000. Although that morning the workers noticing cracks in the foundation of the building were afraid to go to work the director obliged them to enter the building or they would lose their salary.

This tragedy at Rana Plaza has become the symbol of the exploitation of women linked to a world capitalist economy that is unfair. Unfortunately this drama is only one among many.

A matter of justice and solidarity

Making a profit is of prime importance. Thus the contributions and the working conditions of the workers are hardly considered. Our Acts of the Chapter 2010 invites us to “protest against abuses of the planet’s resources, and act with others to put an end to profiteering.” (p.15)

World March of Women Marche IMG_1592

Today all over the world militants of the World March of Women (WMW) organize actions to protest against the irresponsibility of states and enterprises which sacrifice human rights and social and environmental justice in favor of the economy and the profit of big enterprises and multinationals.

If our condition does not allow us to participate in activities, we can always check out where our clothes and things we buy are made, even if the price is a bargain. It is a matter of justice and solidarity.

Sr Lucie Larouche, d.j.


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