There is the RIO Carnival; there is also the one of DAOUKRO on the Ivory Coast !

Young professed, arrived in Daoukro in September (after my Profession on August 1st) I discover a community life in the midst of people of this big village now a small town and the joy of being a teacher of young children. There is so much to discover!

carnaval Daoukro

  • carnaval 2


  • Among 170 children, under 6 years of age, the days follow one another with never two alike!

  • Working as a team – 15 persons try to give, according to each one’s level, a special coloring to this center opened 4 years ago.

  • Involving the parents in the life of the school and in all the preparations that mark the outstanding activities of the year.

  • Creativity is expected of each one … and the rewards: the JOY of children and adults alike!

Finally, this is IT, February 9th! The Daoukro Carnival !!

We were the only school in town to take part in the celebration. (In the Ivory Coast it is vacation time). And it was like a huge party!

carnaval 3

  • The children, of diverse ethnic groups, wore costumes of AKAN style, all of many different colors (a manifestation of cultural openness).


  • The parade stopped here and there to dance, to sing (we had had many repetitions the preceding week).


  • Many parents were present (their participation had started at the first meeting where they took part in all the details of the celebration).carnaval 4


  • We all wanted it to be a success.

It was so important and so serious that we were surrounded by members of the Police Force!


Sr Irène

Sr Irène

For me, a young religious, along with Sr. Irene, my Principal, were very enthusiastic in getting the children to perform.

Disguised like the others, I nevertheless felt fully a

Sr Nadège

Sr Nadège

Daughter of Jesus, deeply united to the joy of these people, attentive to the one who was tired, was thirsty or requested for “Maman!”

That day, and in many other circumstances, I recalled Pope Francis’ comment:

“Where there are religious, there is joy!”

Sr. Nadège Tetee


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