The Right to Decent Lodging

Sr. Ursule Beaulieu, Daughter of Jesus of Rimouski vice-province, is actively involved in a Social Justice Movement concerning the rights of minorities. Today, she shares with us her latest activity. Alerting our government officials and asking them to become active in the pressing need to provide individuals the right to proper lodging.


From September 2nd to 23rd, 2018, over a hundred persons have marched from Ottawa to Quebec City, covering a distance of more than 600 kms to obtain from both the federal and provincial governments that provision be made for suitable housing for low-income families.


A Symbolic March


On June 7th, we, in Rimouski, participated in a symbolic walk between the offices of our federal and provincial representatives as a way to show our support to those who would be walking from Ottawa to Quebec city. I walked with the other 12 or so participants to make the population aware of the lack of affordable lodging in our city; over 300 families are on a waiting list.


Gathered in front of the parliament buildings


On September 29th, 2018, 35 persons travelled by bus form Rimouski to Quebec city. On the Plains of Abraham, we were over a thousand men and women from different parts of the Province to welcome the men and women who had covered the 600 kms walk and together we marched together to the Parliament Buildings to join the other participants. As we walked, we chanted slogans such as:

  • For the right To housing
  • We want low-income housing to be housed conveniently
  • We march between parliaments we demand proper housing facilities
  • City after city are mobilized we need 5 000 low-income facilities




We are expecting our governments to give grants to cities and towns enabling them to build low-income housing because everyone has a right to proper living conditions. If they do not make a move, we will continue to make known our demands.



Ursule Beaulieu, fj, Romouski. Canada


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