The residence « Le Jardin » celebrates its 20th anniversary

Sister Monique Brûlé, Vice-rovincial and a dozen Daughters of Jesus of Three-Rivers, Quebec, were present on June 12, at the 20th anniversary of the Residence « Le Jardin ».

IMG_2102 Richard Maziade, Monique Brûlé, Lise Dumont -1Because of the historical journey of this establisment, the Daughters of Jesus felt duty bound to assure their presence at such an event. It is a place, dear to the Daughters of Jesus, since it is the birthplace of the arrival of the two first French Daughters of Jesus, welcomed by Mgr Cloutier in November 1902.

Three months after their moving in to the Manoir de Tonnancour, today known as « Galerie d’Art du Parc », the Jardin de l’Enfance opened its doors to 23 small boys ranging from 6 to12 years old. The enrolments increased rapidly, and with the years, the Jardin de l’Enfance became bigger and bigger.table FJ

In 1967, with a narrow yard and 500 boys avid for sports, the pupils were relocated to Val-Marie at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. The building, occupied by the teaching Sisters and by students was named « Le Vieux Jardin “.

repasIn 1994, the Habitations Populaires Desjardins submitted a project to the Daughters of Jesus to acquire the VIEUX JARDIN and make of it a Residence for Senior citizens. After reflection, consultation of the Sisters and study of the project, an understanding was reached. In June 1995, 7 Daughters of Jesus formed a community and became part of the group of residents at LE JARDIN, for a period of 7 years. A Sister came to work at the reception desk.

Since that time, the Daughters of Jesus who had lived or worked here, have spoken of the good spirit of the whole house and the quality of the personnel in the different services. Good points for the Residence LE JARDIN!repas2

We hope that all of you will continue to journey in hope and confidence. The Daughters of Jesus pay hommage to you and we offer Mr. Richard Maziade, Director since approximately 15 years, and to all the personnel and residents, our most sincere CONGRATULATIONS!

S. Lise Dumont f.j.


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