The Associates get down to work after the summer holidays


The Associates of Languidic and Le Boutiez (France) give us some highlights of their September get together. The theme of the meeting was “relationships”, a source of sharing and growth, but also sometimes of disaccord and abuse.




The Associates of Languidic and Le Bouëtiez in Brittany came together on the 21st of September for their first meeting after the summer holidays. 19 of us gathered around the table, en famille. Each one presented himself or herself briefly before Colette presented the theme for the meeting and how we would approach it. We had chosen to work on one of the proposals for 2019 / 2020 – « Approach – Abuse / Relation ».


Dividing into 3 separate groups, we got down to work. The sharing was rich and we could easily have gone on beyond the time allowed. It was time however to give our feedback to the reconstituted big group.


We had been asked to remember Bible passages where the relationship between people had gone awry and we came up with examples from the Old and the New Testament :


  • Cain and Abel,
  • Moses and the Hebrew people
  • Esau and Jacob
  • Jesus and the Pharisees (the adulterous woman…)
  • Jesus and Judas.


We ended our exchange with a time of prayer which had been prepared by Maria Theresa and Andrea. We sang “In the image of your Love”, followed by the Our Father and the text of the Daughters of Jesus, Orientation 98, Jubilee 2000, “You Jesus, who became one of us” .





Michel then gave some information on the work of the Commissions which have been set up to prepare the celebration of several important Congregation anniversaries on the day of our Annual Assembly of Associates in Kermaria next year.


And of course, we couldn’t possibly leave without afternoon tea prepared “with love” by Marie-Thérèse, Andrée, and Cécile. This allowed us to extend the sharing in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.





Everyone could leave, perhaps asking themselves the question: “At what point in time was my relationship with one person or another not well adjusted?” but also thinking of the pleasure of meeting again, in May next year at the Annual Assembly.


An Associate of Le Bouëtiez


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