Thanksgiving party for our employees

On October 17, 2022, the Administrative Committee of the Daughters of Jesus of Rimouski, Canada, offered our employees a “4 to 8” i.e. a moment of celebration to express our gratitude for their generous and kind presence among us since so many years.  During the pandemic, we called them “our angels”. They still are to this very day.

At four o’clock we began the party, hearts filled with joy. All these smiling faces deserved a special attendance ticket that Sister Ursule had the pleasure to give to each one. It was not long before conversation broke out around a toast to friendship; a time to better get to know one another. The children who came along with their parents animated the party in their own unique way.

Around 6 o’clock we were invited to a delicious meal prepared by our brave elves who had been working hard in the kitchen. Once the meal was over, the party organizers called each guest to give them a gift-envelope expressing our gratitude. And the door prizes were the joy of three lucky participants!


Time flies; let’s now make way for games and dancing. The sandbag game seemed to appeal to everyone; everybody is enjoying it. Even our sister Stella joined the dance with her walker; there is no age to limit participation in these moments of sheer happiness. Children and adults alike contributed to making this party a real success. It is in this atmosphere of joy and gratitude experienced by all that this beautiful gathering came to an end.

This is how we express together the invitation to “love one another”. Is it not part of our family spirit?

Jeannine D’Amours, fj  

Rimouski, Canada


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