Sr. Mary Clare honoured in a traditional Easter Service.

Meudi money

On Maundy Thursday, March 24th 2016, Sr Mary Clare was presented with Maundy Money by Queen Elizabeth 2nd at St George’s Chapel , Windsor Castle.

Sr Mary Clare had been nominated by the Anglican Bishop of Peterborough and along with 179 other people from all over the British Isles was one of the honoured recipients. Bishop Donald said his nomination was mainly because “she was active in developing friendship and co operation between all Faith Groups within the City and a key player in her Christian ministry to Prisoners and tmaundy moneyhe under privileged within the local community.”

As the Queen Celebrates her 90th Birthday this year, the service was held at Windsor instead of a Cathedral City, where recipients are normally from the local community.

The origins of the Maundy Service – the washing of feet and giving of money dates back to the fourth century in Spain and Italy but the first recorded Royal distribution was by King John in 1210. No longer are feet washed but the clergy wear a special white linen towels in remembrance of the actual foot washing but was discontinued in the Anglican Church about 1730. Nosegays of sweet smelling herbs are also carried – these were the original ”air fresheners” as the money was being given to the poor.

Two purses are given to each recipient – the white purse containing specially minted coins adding up to the Queen’s age and the Red purse , a personal gift from the Queen, this year containing a specially minted £5 coin and a 50 pence piece to commemorate the battle of Hastings in 1066.

Maundy money

After the service, Sr Mary Clare said – To take part in such an ancient service is very moving and despite the pageantry , one was reminded of the example set by Christ to all of us – To make Life More Human in the way Jesus would .(Chapter Acts 2010).

Earlier in the year , Sr Mary Clare received a Civic Award at Peterborough Town Hall, again for her commitment to changing the lives of others.



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