Sr Antoinette BOISSONAULT (Sr Marie-Joseph-Hector), 1926-2023

Que le Seigneur accueille Antoinette dans son Royaume de lumière et de joie.

Sr Antoinette est décédée au Centre de la Providence, Edmonton, Alberta le 6 octobre 2023, à l’âge de 97 ans, dont 77 ans de profession religieuse.

Les funérailles ont eu lieu le 13 octobre 2023 en la chapelle du Centre de la Providence, 3005-119e rue Edmonton, Alberta.

Marie, Émérique, Antoinette Boissonnault, the eldest of five children, and the only daughter, was born on June 29, 1926, to Hector Boissonnault and Fleurestine Loiseau. She was proud to be the first granddaughter of two of the first four pioneers. They had arrived in Morinville, Alberta, with Father Jean Baptiste Morin in 1891. Having learned her catechism and prayers on her mother’s knees, she had the privilege of making her First Communion before starting school. She grew up with Les Filles de Jésus and after high school, following in the footsteps of her Aunt Tarcienne, she chose religious life.  At the age of 20, she made her first profession with Les Filles de Jésus in Three Rivières, Quebec.

 Immediately afterwards, she went to Normal School to prepare for a long career in teaching, almost 40 years. Alberta, Montana, England, California are among the places where she has worked. Her forte has always been French and music. At Pincher Creek she had prepared an operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan.  According to Henriette Morin, it was magnificent.  Antoinette loved teaching and often came back in the evenings with charming stories to tell the community. From 1960-64, she gave sewing classes to the Novices.  During this time, she loved to prepare plays with the Novices and Young Professed Sisters.  We remember: ” Christmas Carol”, “The Apparitions of Fatima”, “The life of Kateri Tekakwitha”.  In 1971, she went to England where she taught for two years.  It was a rich experience for her.  To the end of her life, she maintained ties with the Daughters of Jesus of England and with friends she had made in London. After retiring from teaching, she volunteered for 6 years at l’ École Ste Jeanne d’Arc Elementary, here in Edmonton.

            Antoinette loved sewing, reading, playing Scrabble, but especially music and singing. As a young child, she loved the violin. Her Dad was an excellent violinist. At the age of four he taught her her first violin piece, “Jingle Bells”.    From a young age she took violin lessons, which she continued for several years. She obtained a Grade 8 certificate in music. Even in her 90s, she practiced regularly and accompanied the Sisters when they sang together here, at Providence Center. A few years ago, she had the misfortune of dropping her violin and damaging it, beyond repair.  She was devastated and thought she would never be able to enjoy it again. Sr. Gisèle had the joy of buying her a new violin and seeing her happiness when she brought it to her.

            Antoinette loved to correspond with people she had known and loved over the years.  A letter, arriving by post, made her day. 

She had a deep love for her family.  She mourned profoundly the loss of her parents and three younger brothers.   She often spoke to us about them.  She was very interested in the history of the Morinville families.  More than once, she re-read, from cover to cover, the three large books of Morinville’s history, which she kept preciously in her cupboard.

In need of care, she came here to the Providence Center in November 2010. It is with much gratitude that we say thank you to the Sisters of Providence and the staff for the compassion and good care Antoinette has received here.

Her faith in Jesus and Mary was simple and faithful.  We know that she is now at peace.  Good-bye, Antoinette.  We will not forget you.

Gisèle Labonté, fj.



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