Marion BRIAND (Marie-Jeanne) Sœur Mie Angélique


Marion BRIAND (Marie Angélique)

passed away on October 7 2021.


Marion was born in West Arichat, Nova Scotia, June 29th 1939, the only daughter in a family of four children. At the age of 22, she entered the novitiate in Moncton and became a Fille de Jésus in 1964.

Marion spent all her life at the service of the community. She started working in the kitchen at Moncton Provincial House, and then went on to provide similar services in Cheticamp, Dundee, Rogersville, L’Ardoise and Saulnierville. She was always ready to help whenever there was extra work to do. In 1974, she had an accident that left her with a severely disabled right hand. She learned to cope with it and to write with her left hand. She could then resume work, but this accident left a deep mark on her.

In 1980, Marion was assigned to carry out the domestic services at the Retired Priests’ Residence in Sydney. She accomplished this task with devotedness and competence for fourteen years. The residents greatly appreciated her services and when she left this work, they expressed their gratitude in a poem written by one of them.

By now, Marion’s health seemed to be somewhat weakening and she came to the Provincial House where she worked part-time at the reception and laundry while rendering multiple small services for our sick sisters. In 2010, she moved with the other sisters to the independent living residence of Royal Court in Riverview. There she felt totally at home, participated in various activities and was very interested in everything that concerned the residents, witnessing thus to God’s love for every person. However, from 2013 on, she had to slow down in keeping with her frail health condition. In due time she was admitted at Canterbury Hall and then at Monarch nursing home so as to receive the care she needed.

Marion was a gentle person, friendly and very dedicated when she felt comfortable in a group. She took pleasure in helping people and was faithful to keep an occasional correspondence with her friends, especially at Christmas and birthdays. She loved music, reading, puzzles, friendly gatherings.

On October 8, 2021, she passed away suddenly, trusting in the God who had called her and whom she had served with much love and joy. She was 82 years old and in her 57th year of religious life. May she be welcomed now into the joy and peace of God.







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