S. Céline Poirier, f.j. (Marie Ludger du Sacré-Coeur), 1931-2016

Céline Poirier (Marie Ludger du Sacré Coeur) died on November 8th, 2016


Céline was born in Dalhousie, New-Brunswick on April 12th, 1931. She lived in an extended family where there was no distinction between brothers and half-brothers or sisters and half-sisters. At 16 years of age she entered the novitiate at Three Rivers and became a Daughter of Jesus in 1949.

Céline spent nearly 50 years of her active religious life outside of the Moncton Province. She lived in the Province of Quebec for 11 years: first of all at Cap-de-la-Madeleine where she taught the Commercial Course and supervised the boarders for 4 years; then at New Carlisle where she held the same two positions for 7 years. In 1960 she was sent on mission to Honduras where she was both a teacher and supervisor of the boarders for 5 years at Santa Maria Goretti College, Choluteca. Afterwards, still at Choluteca, she committed herself as a pastoral worker among the young people while still teaching for the next 10 years.

In 1975, she began her service of administration first of all by being in charge of the Honduras sector for a year, then as Provincial Superior of the Latin America/Antilles Province from 1976 to 1982. After this period of service she continued her missionary work in Colombia until 1990 when she became Provincial Superior of the Antilles until 1997. Céline then accepted to serve as secretary for the Conference of Religious of the Antilles, in Jamaica. In 2003 she came back to Canada definitively and integrated the Moncton Province. She took time off for courses and re-adaptation before undertaking various voluntary services.

In 2006 she was invited to return to the Latin America Province to undertake work in Honduras as archivist for the diocese. She also got involved in the preparation for the 50ieth anniversary of the presence of the sisters in that country. During the spring of 2007 she returned to Canada because of health problems and received treatments of radiation and chemotherapy which had apparently eradicated the cancer. She then got involved in pastoral and secretarial activities in the parish of Dalhousie. Having come to Riverview in 2014 she was appointed secretary for the Vice Province of Moncton.

In February 2016 she had to resume her battle against cancer, a battle she undertook and pursued with courage and serenity right to the end. On November 8th, around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, she returned to the Father. She was 85 years old with 67 years of religious life. Céline was a very pleasant and generous person as well as very active and totally committed to whatever mission was confided to her. She was gifted as a secretary and in preparing prayer and celebrations.

Even if she was a serious person she knew how to relax. She enjoyed friendly gatherings, nature, music, playing cards, hockey games on television, walks in nature, as well as silence and solitude. If she could share something with us today she would probably leave us a message of trust and confidence, having herself experienced that the Lord always gives us what we need at every moment in order to face whatever comes up. May the God she loved and served throughout her life now welcome her in his peace and joy.










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