Reviving the gift of God – a retreat experience in Colombia

Sister Viviana tells us of her gratitude for the opportunity of the spiritual retreat lived in Sasaima, Colombia, from 7 – 14 January 2019. In the group of fourteen Daughters of Jesus present there was a desire to revive the gift of God that exists in each one and in the Congregation.



We have been called

We came from different cities with our different lives, but with a common desire to live these days with the Lord in a special way, with all that moved us interiorly.

We began each day with a warm encounter between Sisters, walking around and appreciating the beauty of the place. After sharing our concerns, we then entered into a time of silence, prayer and Eucharist.


Taking our lives into our prayer


Each day Sister Thérèse Norman gave us a lead in to our prayer. Taking different aspects of the charism of the Daughters of Jesus :

  • For today’s world
  • Reviving the gift of God that is you
  • Ever more compassionate
  • In freedom, truth and sorority
  • Caring for and honouring the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God
  • Born of the fire of that love …
  • Passionate about doing God’s will
  • Following a poor and humble Jesus


she sought to to help us connect with the depth of our life and God’s desire for the Congregation,

Meditating on these aspects in the light of the Word of God, the Acts Chapter Acts of 2016 : Be Born Today from the Fire of Charity and our Rule of Life, allowed us to live an experience of profound encounter with our vocation as Daughters of Jesus for today’s world. The retreat enabled us to value the history of the Congregation, the holy lives of those who have preceded us and the significance of our vocation for the world of today and tomorrow.

Grateful memory


After spending each day in silence we were able to express in community prayer that gratitude that flows from the immense love and care of God, from his gaze upon us and our history, and on our search for the fidelity to continue announcing the Good News.

Recognizing the great mercy of God, we had valuable time to be reconcilied with ourselves, with our environment, with our sisters and brothers and with God.


At the end of the retreat we gave thanks to God for Sister Thérèse Norman, who had simply and generously wanted to come from Honduras to share with us the retreat she had prepared before returning to Canada, her country of origin.

Mother Marie de Saint Charles’s invitation resounds in us with living force. An invitation to :

  • Live out the spirit of Nazareth,
  • Be ever more compassionate and understanding
  • Live unity and openness as a force that impels us to go out and witness to a God who is alive for the world of today and tomorrow.

Sister Viviana Carolina Forero A dj


Un peu


notre famille



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